Ethics and Governance

Hey all! The Ethics and governance committee here. We wanted to take the time to introduce ourselves. The 2019-2020 committee consists of Halle Turner, Christine Smothers and Kayla Diekmann. The ethics and governance committee have a lot going on and we plan to keep it that way. The House of Delegates passed new bylaws and bylaw revisions at the 2019 Annual Ohio Convention. These new changes can be found at, under the “publications” tab. Go check them out! New changes will be voted on, at the next Annual State Convention in 2020. It will be here before you know it. 


The committee last met at the annual board retreat, in January.  We had a full day of productivity and had lots of ideas brainstormed in order to make the bylaws better. Christine  drafted some new sections to help better explain certain board positions as well as explaining committees. Another great committee member, Kayla, went through and helped with the details such as formatting issues and grammar. (These things matter, people!) As the year goes on, we will make changes as necessary and fitting to the constituents. 


Please, if you are bored and don’t already have enough homework, go through and read the bylaws, ha! But seriously and let us know of any changes that could help better serve you. Also, if you have any questions about your own local chapter’s bylaws, we would love to help answer those questions. They can be tricky. On behalf of the ethics and governance committee, we wish you all the best with school and your other endeavors. 


Signing off, 

The Ethics and Governance Committee. 

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