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Resolutions Committee

The resolutions committee is proud to say that the Ohio Student Nurses’ Association has submitted a resolution for national review! We focused our resolution on encouraging environmentally conscious behaviors and practices within healthcare settings. Do you know what items are recyclable within the hospital? In particular, blue sterilization wrap is a plastic that can be recycled and actually turned back into plastic again- something that is rare for plastic! But how often do you see it being recycled from the operating room? 
That is just one small example of an opportunity to make a big impact on the waste we are producing within healthcare. Our resolution also covers total amount of waste generated by hospitals and carbon emissions that result from surgeries. We hope to continue expanding this conversation, like whether single-use plastic instruments are truly a better option than properly sterilized metal instruments- in terms of both waste and infection prevention. Also, how can we reuse our opened but unused items, like the nurses around the country sewing sterile table drapes into sleeping bags and backpacks for the homeless. 
We are looking forward to defending this resolution at the national level, and would love to hear some pro statements from our constituents! 

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