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Health Advocacy is important to provide support to our patients & their families in different times of need, especially to those struggling with mental health.

2024 Health Advocacy Project.jpg

Project Goal:

We hope to bridge the gap between those suffering from mental health disorders and the coping strategies they need in the winter time. Traditional coping strategies and self-soothing measures are tailored towards warmer months; for example, simple suggestions such as hiking, biking, and going on walks becomes increasingly difficult when there is snow and ice on the ground.

Although these coping strategies are beneficial for clearing your mind and limiting exacerbations, it is not feasible for these strategies to carry this population throughout the year in every location. It is taxing on individuals, especially those who already face difficulties, to find new coping strategies that meet their needs. Our hope is to provide more recognition and background to this issue while providing solutions. The coping strategies in our project may be beneficial to individuals throughout any season, and we encourage everyone to consistently practice coping strategies that are feasible in any season.

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